Flange Fitting

Having the correct size and fit is important for expressing milk for storage and maintaining a milk supply. It is so important to ensure you are sized appropriately for your pump flanges, also called breast shield or breast flange. The breast flange is the funnel-shaped part of the breast pump that fits over the nipple and areola on the breast. The flange should fit comfortably to decrease pain or nipple damage. With our flange fitting service, the Lactation Room carries flange sizes from 11mm to 28mm to help find the right size for you and will measure your nipple and watch you pump to determine which is the right fit for you!

Breast pump against the background of a mother holding child and had a flange fitting

Meeting with an IBCLC will allow you to use your pump and the parts that come with it during your consult so you can learn how to use the pump effectively during your pump sessions. The consult is tailored to help you learn how your body works with your pump and the guidance during the visit will allow you to make any necessary adjustments or modifications. The goal of the session is to maximize milk production and prevent any discomfort. Working with your IBCLC closely will improve your pumping efficiency.

Breast pumping can play a crucial role when producing milk for your baby and provides benefits for both the parent and the baby. The pump is an effective tool to help you create and remove milk to feed to your baby when not directly breast/chestfeeding. We want you to meet your pumping and feeding needs so our team will sit with you and help understand what that means to you.

Success Story

“After meeting with eight (yes, EIGHT) different LC’s, I finally found the perfect breastfeeding mentor in Annie. At our first visit, she assured me that she was there to support me however I wanted to pursue the breastfeeding journey–including if I decided the best solution was to stop (at that point, I had been trying unsuccessfully to bf for nearly 7 weeks). But with her help, I didn’t have to.”

-S. A.

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