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Home lactation consultations are services provided by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) to support and assist breast/chest feeding parents and their infants in the comfort of their own homes. These consultations aim to address and overcome challenges or concerns related to breastfeeding, ensuring a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.
home consultation

In-home lactation consulting


Personalized Support

Lactation Room IBCLCs offer personalized guidance tailored to the specific needs of the parent and baby. They assess the breastfeeding dynamics, observe the latch, and address any concerns or difficulties that both, the parent and the baby, may be experiencing.



Home consultations may provide a convenient and comfortable setting for the mother and baby, when available. This environment allows the consultant to observe the parent’s breastfeeding routine in their natural surroundings, which can offer valuable insights into any potential issues.


Observation and Assessment

Lactation consultants assess various aspects of breastfeeding, including latch and positioning, infant weight gain, milk supply, and overall breastfeeding dynamics. Observing these factors in the home environment allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the breast/chest feeding relationship. Lactation Room IBCLCs work collaboratively with the parent to develop effective strategies to overcome these challenges and customize your journey every step of the way.


Emotional Support

Breastfeeding can be an emotionally charged experience, and IBCLCs offer emotional support to the entire family. Our goal is to help identify and address any concerns in a supportive manner while also validating feelings and provide encouragement to help parents build confidence in their breast/chest feeding abilities.


Family Involvement Helps Support Greater Success

At an in-home setting, IBCLCs may have the opportunity to involve other family members, such as partners or grandparents, in the breastfeeding support process. This can foster a supportive environment for the breast/chest feeding parent. This inclusion of education and care has a positive outcome and will allow the journey of how you choose to feed your baby be the most successful it can be! Let us help you build the lactation network you need to achieve your goals.

Success Story

“Sarah saved my wife’s life, literally. After having met her once at a prenatal consultation, she came a few days after my wife delivered twins. Walking through the door, she immediately told us that my wife looks physically distressed and severely anemic. How did we not catch that ourselves? She then told us to get an OB appointment ASAP, and then called our OB herself to tell them to get us in, even arguing with them when they tried to blow her off. Why would a lactation consultant care so much to go that extra mile?

We went to the OB, and from there straight to the ER, with postpartum preeclampsia. Minor symptoms that my wife had been experiencing, such as occasional heart palpitations, increased at an alarming rate just in the time between when we got to the ER and when they made the diagnosis. My wife was admitted, treated, and released the next day.

Without Sarah, we certainly would not have caught this, and I expect we would have had a medical crisis by that night, certainly one with a long recovery time and possibly one with lasting effects.

I haven’t said much about Sarah’s lactation services, which are all excellent, but in my mind are simply overshadowed by the ENORMOUS service she did us in noticing a problem none of us did. We are always going to have a deep debt of gratitude for her tenacity and vigilance.”



Pricing and Insurance

Lactation Consultation – In-office

Filed to In-network insurance plans

Lactation Consultation – In-office

Self-pay fee $250/each session

Lactation Consultation – In-home Travel Fee

$50/each (consult unless outside the service radius)

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