Office Lactation and Infant Feeding Consultations

Lactation Room IBCLCs, or International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, play a crucial role in supporting breastfeeding parents and infants. During our in-office consults, IBCLCs provide expert guidance and assistance to address various breastfeeding challenges. They are the lactation network you need on your side!
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In-office Lactation Consulting Provides


Real-time Assessment

IBCLCs conduct a thorough assessment of the breastfeeding situation, including observing the feeding positioning and latch, evaluating the baby’s suckling pattern and oral anatomy, body posture, areas of tension, and assessing any potential issues or challenges such as tongue and or lip ties.


Early Intervention

They identify specific breastfeeding problems or concerns, such as latch difficulties, nipple pain, low milk supply, bottle feeding difficulties, or infant weight gain issues. By understanding the root causes, IBCLCs can tailor their support to address the unique needs of each parent-infant pair. When issues arise, IBCLCs work to help troubleshoot and find practical solutions. This may be as simple as adjusting the baby’s latch or exploring different feeding positions or recommending techniques to improve milk transfer and referral to healthcare professionals.


Personalized Support and Encouragement

IBCLCs provide education on breastfeeding techniques, proper latch, positioning, and other aspects of breastfeeding. They may also offer information on infant feeding cues, milk supply, and normal infant behavior to help parents feel more confident and informed.


Development of a Care Plan and Follow-up

Based on the assessment and identified issues, IBCLCs collaborate with parents to develop a personalized care plan. This plan may include specific recommendations, exercises, or strategies to improve breastfeeding success. IBCLCs often schedule follow-up appointments to track progress and make any necessary adjustments to the care plan. Follow-up appointments allow IBCLCs to address ongoing concerns and provide the lactation network you need.


Referral to Other Healthcare Providers

Founder, Sarah Early, FNP-C, is our in-house Family Nurse Practitioner and is available for real-time questions and to help support in an advanced practice capacity as an integrative and functional health nurse practitioner care as needed for prescriptions, lab ordering or other diagnostic needs. Sarah also provides care at our sister company, Peony Women’s Integrative Health, where she specializes in women’s health needs.

If there are underlying medical issues or challenges our carefully cultivated list of referral sources is provided so that we can ensure that we are recommending you see the best provider to meet your unique needs. This referral network has been created over the decade we have been working with families in our community and work with those providers who understand what it means to support a breast/chest feeding family.


Community Resources

Lactation Room Community Connection is a FREE drop-in weekly parent meet-up, in-person or virtually that is open to the community every Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m.- 12pm at the North Bethesda Lactation Room Office and also via Zoom. This group is designed to support expecting, new, and experienced parents who are looking to build a safe and inclusive community.

The goal for our Lactation Room Community Connection is to cultivate mini communities, helping you to make meaningful connections with other parents who are at similar stages in life. All feeding choices are respected and welcome! The Lactation Room North Bethesda Community Circle meet-up is led by Mary Bailey, who is an experienced parent, Registered Dietician, and IBCLC who has supported families for over 15 years.

Success Story

“I went to Lactation Room in Mt. Airy. I saw Jenny Busbey, RN, BSN, IBCLC for all of my appointments and she was so sweet and absolutely fantastic! My baby had a tongue tie and lip tie. She severely traumatized (deep cracks, severe bruising, ulcerations, etc.) my nipples while trying to nurse at the hospital. By the time we got home I just couldn’t even try to nurse anymore from the pain and had to start pumping, but my dream was to exclusively breastfeed so I was crushed! I thought we would never be able to breast feed and there were a lot of tears shed. At our first visit with Lactation Room Jenny did a very thorough consultation and came up with a personalized plan for my baby, recommending additional medical professionals (i.e. for tongue and lip tie removal) as indicated and giving me words of encouragement when I needed them most. I’m so happy to report that every week my baby’s nursing improved so much and at 5 weeks post-partum we are exclusively breast feeding! The bonding time while nursing my baby has been so special and I’m so thankful we got here. It just took a little time, perseverance and expert help 😊 Jenny also gave me advice for pumping milk effectively and safely when I return to work in a few weeks! I have several friends who also went to Jenny for help with breastfeeding and all told me how amazing she was – they were so right! The mom tribe knows best! 😁 The Mt. Airy location for Lactation Room is clean, comfortable and beautifully decorated, and I love that they are able to do home visits as well – it was so nice right after my c-section to not have to leave the comfort of home. If you are hoping to breast feed and need help, even if you’re worried it will never happen like I was that first night home from the hospital, reach out to Lactation Room before giving up! And I cannot recommend Jenny enough!!”

Pricing and Insurance

Lactation Consultation – In-office

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Lactation Consultation – In-office

Self-pay fee $250/each session

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