Terms and Conditions for the Medela Breast Pump

Electric Breastpump Rental Conditions

This agreement for the rental of a -Medela Breastpump and plastic carrying case (“equipment”) is made between Rental Station and the Lessee identified on the agreement.

  1. The Medela equipment remains the property of Medela Inc., 4610 Prime Parkway, McHenry, Illinois
  2. The Ameda equipment remain the property of Evenflo Company, Inc., 1801 Commerce Drive, Piqua, Ohio.
  3. Lessee has no rights to such equipment except as expressed in this Agreement.
  4. Lessee may purchase an accessory kit. The kit becomes the property of the lessee.
  5. Lessee agrees to pay the rental fees in accordance with the following fee structure: $35.00/week, $75.00/month.
  6. No refunds for early return.

Lessee agrees to pay at the weekly rate if the pump is not returned by the end of the third business day following the return date.

Lessee agrees to inform the Rental Station of any change of address.

Lessee agrees not to move the equipment out of this State without consent of the Rental Station.

Lessee agrees not to allow any other person to use the equipment provided.

Lessee agrees to return the equipment in clean condition. If the equipment is not clean, Lessee agrees to pay a $20.00 cleaning fee.

Lessee agrees to return the equipment in good repair. If the equipment is not in good repair, Lessee agrees to pay a $50.00 repair fee.

This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State where the Rental Station is located.

The Lessee shall be responsible for all reasonable legal fees and other costs involved in the collection of overdue amounts and/or recovery of leased equipment.

The Rental station has the right to cancel this agreement at any time with three days notice.Please NoteLactation Room is not a DME supplier and cannot bill your insurance company for the rental of the pump and its supplies. It is the responsibility of the person renting to understand their insurance coverage and submit for reimbursement.

  • All breast pump rentals are to be returned to Lactation Room by the date listed on the original rental agreement. Failure to contact Lactation Room and/or have equipment returned will result in a charge of $30/week until the pump is returned.
  • All pumps must be returned in the same clean condition as when rented. A cleaning fee of $10.00 will be applied if pumps are returned non-sanitary.
  • All pumps have been rented with a detachable bottle stand and carrying strap for the case. These items must be returned with the pump or a fee of $20.00 will apply.
  • If the electric breast pump malfunctions, it is the responsibility of the Lessee to notify Lactation Room prior to the original return due. A new pump will be provided. No refunds will be issued unless Lactation Room is unable to supply a new, properly working breast pump.
  • 30 day money back guarantee for all unopened/unused products. No exceptions.
  • All products are to be used according to the manufacturers recommendations. Failure to do so will not result in replacement or refund.