Tongue and Lip Tie Support

During every private lactation consult your Lactation Room IBCLC will provide an oral evaluation & feeding assessment. Understanding that a visual inspection and a functional feeding assessment are best practice to help identify any possible areas of concern.

Infant Feeding Sometimes Needs Support

Understanding Tongue and Lip Ties

Tongue tie (ankyloglossia) and lip tie are conditions that occur when the strip of skin beneath a baby’s tongue (lingual frenulum) or upper lip (labial frenulum) can be shorter than usual which can restrict the tongues the range of motion. This restriction can affect the baby’s ability to feed effectively on the breast/chest or latch onto a bottle nipple.

Common Signs and Symptoms:

1. Difficulty Latching

Babies with tongue or lip tie may struggle to latch onto the breast or bottle properly. You may hear a clicking sound or loud and frequent gulping.

2. Fussiness during Feeding

Some babies may have an increased fussiness and crying at the breast due to the difficulty they are experiencing with feeding easily.

3. Low or Slow Weight Gain

Inadequate milk transfer due to an ineffective latch can result in slower weight gain for the baby. If your baby is not gaining or growing as they should be this could be an indication of a feeding difficulty.

4. Nipple Pain for the Parent

Parents may experience pain or discomfort during breastfeeding if the baby has difficulty latching due to tongue or lip tie. This is not normal and can lead to long-term nipple damage. We suggest scheduling with one of our IBCLCs for further evaluation.

Supporting Parents through Challenges

Consulting with Healthcare Professionals

If parents suspect tongue or lip tie, consulting with one of our Lactation Room IBCLCs is crucial. Our team is incredible and will assess the baby’s latch and provide non-biased guidance on the next steps.

Lactation Support Before and After a Release:


Working with a Lactation Room IBCLC is one of the most important aspects to a successful outcome for the parent AND the baby. We will provide a detailed infant oral and feeding assessment and share it with your healthcare provider and the provider who will be evaluating your baby.

We prepare you and your family on how to and when to proceed with a release. We teach you how to provide post-op care and comfort measures for your baby.
We believe the continuity in care we provide sets us apart from most. You will leave your pre-release consult and know who to schedule an appointment with for the oral evaluation, how to prepare before any possible procedure to ensure your baby does well post-operatively and have follow-up appointments on the calendar so you can have all the support necessary.

Lactation Room – The Preferred Practice for Tongue Tie Support

Lactation Room has an in-house Family Nurse Practitioner who is highly skilled at early recognition and diagnosis of tongue-and-lip ties and we also have many wonderfully skilled IBCLCs who are masters of their craft with supporting babies with oral challenges and the families caring for them. We have working relationships with the top release providers in the DMV and collaborate with them should your baby need an oral evaluation by a specialist. We Lactation Room also provides in office Craniosacral Massage Therapy and Feeding Therapy. We also have amazing collaborative relationships with area support providers in the DMV.

Babies often bring together a community of parents who share similar experiences and concerns with tongue-and-lip ties. This sense of community can be reassuring and comforting, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, advice, and emotional support. Building connections with other parents can be a vital resource during the challenging early days of parenthood.

Lactation Room Community Connection is a FREE drop-in weekly parent meet-up, in-person or virtually that is open to the community every Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m.- 12pm at the North Bethesda Lactation Room Office and also via Zoom. This group is designed to support expecting, new, and experienced parents who are looking to build a safe and inclusive community.

The goal for our Lactation Room Community Connection is to cultivate mini communities, helping you to make meaningful connections with other parents who are at similar stages in life.  All feeding choices are respected and welcome!  The Lactation Room North Bethesda Community Circle meet-up is led by Mary Bailey, who is an experienced parent, Registered Dietician, and IBCLC who has supported families for over 15 years.

The journey of parenthood is filled with countless joys, challenges, and learning experiences. One of the most significant aspects is infant feeding, a crucial foundation for a child’s growth and development. While many parents embark on this journey with excitement and anticipation, some encounter unexpected challenges, such as tongue and lip tie, that can impact the breastfeeding or bottle-feeding process. In such cases, recognizing the need for support becomes paramount. Let Lactation Room help you develop the lactation network you need to meet your goals!

Success Story

“My son was born with a lip tie and tongue tie and this made breastfeeding painful for me. Through Mary Bailey’s support and a lot of hard work I am now able to breastfeed pain free. Mary was kind, calm, responsive, and very supportive. We are so grateful to have worked with her.”


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Private or Group Class Consultation – In-office

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